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Myth Busters: The truth about home automation

Over the years, we’ve heard many a funny thing or two about home automation – but it needn’t be a daunting prospect. The sole purpose of home automation is to make your home work for you!

I can’t afford it…

Turning your home into a smart home doesn’t require some sort of sci-fi fit out and Hollywood scale budget. In fact, most of the cutting edge products used in home automation systems are simple – but very clever. Innovations such as Wi-Fi connected lightbulbs, smoke alarms and doorbells aren’t rocket science, and neither is the budgeting.

What’s more, the likelihood is that you’ll actually save money over time. Because home automation systems are intelligent and highly programmable, you won’t be wasting energy on lighting or heating rooms that don’t need it.

I have to be tech savvy…

Got a smartphone? Know how to use it? Then chances are there’s nothing about home automation that’ll phase you either. Our Loxone and Hive systems are all controlled by apps, downloaded onto your smartphone. The interface is simple and easy to understand.

If the Home Solutions Groupset your home automation system, we’ll take the time to teach you how to use every part of your new technology.

I need a really big house...

Not at all! Do small houses have lights, heating and security features? Yes!

Lighting the way from the bedroom to the bathroom is just as important for you and your little ones whether it’s 10 steps or 25! Small houses still benefit from efficient heating solutions and the added benefits of Wi-Fi connected security cameras too.

I have to own my own home…

This isn’t strictly true. There are many ways to incorporate smart technology into your home without changing anything about the exterior. Smart speakers, doorbells and lightbulbs can all be removed and taken with you to your next home – without leaving a trace.

If you’re renting and you’d like to know your options, give one of our experts a call.

My security will be compromised…

With hacking and data breaches dominating the news, we’ve heard people say that they’re concerned about their digital safety. With Loxone Smart Home’s, you have your own dedicated Miniserver – installed inside your home. We’ll make sure your Miniserver is fitted using the safest possible ports. Plus, they all come kitted out with their own protective firewall as standard.

It’s just a trend…

If you’re living in the UK, you’d be very wrong to assume that home automation is just a passing phase. The UK is the fastest growing and second largest market for sales of smart home devices. The UK smart home market was worth £900m in 2017, which is an increase in value of 19% since 2016.

Over 40% of people get accustomed to smart home technology through entertainment systems, like the MultiRoom Audio system. This entertainment system allows you to play your various favourite tracks in different rooms around the house, all controlled by your smart phone.

So, there you have it! We’ve debunked some of those home automation gremlins. Still have a query? We’re always more than happy to help.

Give us a call or arrange a home visit– let’s give your home a few extra IQ points!

What you do with all this extra time you’ve freed up, is up to you! But if you’d like to tell us about how home automation has changed your daily grind, or have any questions about retro-fitting a Loxone system – give us a call or slide into our DM’s.

5 Ways To Save Time With These Home Automation Life Hacks

One of the reasons that home automation has become so incredibly popular in recent years is that it saves an extraordinary amount of time on day to day tasks. 50,000 tasks a year, in fact, according to leading provider – Loxone.

We’re all busy and the demands of modern life seem to take up increasingly more and more of our down time.

Have you ever seen Wallace and Gromit get up in the morning? Well, home automation is a little like that – but with less clunking and a little more finesse.

Time savers you won’t be able to live without….

The triple click…

Whether you have a Loxone Smart Home system built into your new home, or you’re having one retrofitted, one of the most popular features is the coveted triple click light switch. A double tap on the light switch turns off the lights in the room you’re in. A triple tap on any
light switch will turn all the lights in the house off.

Rushing out to work? Dragging the kids off to school? Or scooting out for an early hours flight? Just three clicks will prevent that screeching halt halfway down the road, when you remember the bathroom light is still on. Save energy, save time and save the planet too.

Self-adjusting brightness...

You’re sat down enjoying a film as the evening rolls in. You jump up to get a drink and realise the kitchen is in darkness. Perhaps you’re working from home on a cloudy day and find yourself constantly getting up and down to turn the light on and off again.

Wouldn’t it be great if the lights in your home just adjusted themselves accordingly? With Loxone, the brightness of your lights can be set up to be determined by the time of day and how much light there already is in the room. The darker it is, the brighter your lights will be. If the room is filled with natural light, your lights will know not to come on.

Custom heating...

Let’s say you wanted to heat the bathrooms in the morning and in the evening and lower the temperatures during the day to save energy – or you wanted to keep the living room cooler while you’re at work and warm during the day on weekends. With Loxone, you can do exactly that. Once your intuitive heating system is set up, you can adjust rooms and floors to your own schedule.

No more trips to the thermostat and no more chilly morning showers.

Hands-on 24/7…

One of the best things about home automation, is that it can be connected with your smartphone. Open the app to turn the lights on when you’re nearly home, heat the house on your way back from the airport or check in on your alarm system from miles away.

You can even view energy reports, usage calculators and energy saving tips – all at your fingertips.

What you do with all this extra time you’ve freed up, is up to you! But if you’d like to tell us about how home automation has changed your daily grind, or have any questions about retro-fitting a Loxone system – give us a call or slide into our DM’s.