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One app to rule them all

As a Loxone trusted supplier, we instil full faith in their products. However, what really matters to us is what our customers think.

Over the years, we’ve seen home automation innovate beyond what we ever thought was possible. With Loxone, this has meant that your home can truly become an asset to your daily routine – saving your time, completing tasks with ease and pocketing a little bit of saved cash along the way. For our customers, one of the most popular and talked about features is the incredibly user-friendly Loxone Smart Home App. If you’re invested in making your life easier, then the Loxone App is another tool to have in your productivity toolkit.


  • It’s available to everyone

The Loxone App, unlike some other providers, is available on almost any wi-fi enabled device. If you have an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch, you can download the app from the App Store. For Android users and Google tablet or notebooks owners,  simply head to the Google Play store. If you’re an Amazon TV user, you guessed it – you can get it on Amazon.


  • It’s can control everything

Every single Loxone product is controllable from the Loxone App. Whether you have a full smart home system, or just lighting, heating or security – it’s all housed under one app, on any and all devices you own.


  • It’s customisable

Find yourself reaching for the lighting functions more often than anything else? You can stick those on your home screen. Need to open the garage door in a flash? Set up a shortcut. Whatever it is you need to access, the Loxone App makes sure it’s easy to do so.


  • It’s always live

Want to get a status update? The overview screen allows you to see how many lights are on, what the home temperature is, which song is playing, how open the blinds are and even which rooms are using devices. If you’re out and about, but want to check in on everyone at home, it’s easy to do. Going on holiday? Keep an eye on your security system and flick the lights on and off to make it appear that you’re home.


  • It’s portable

Activate the app on your phone for on-the-go access, or download it onto a tablet device and mount it on the wall in your home. You choose how you’d like to control your home, after all, it’s working for you.


  • It’s on auto-pilot

Use the clever auto-pilot feature to set up sequences of actions or to apply several actions to a room at once. You can save lighting moods for different occasions by choosing from hundreds of colours and options. You can even set up colour sequences that change at pre-designated intervals.


  • It’s money saving

As with many home automation products, one of the key aims is actually become more energy efficient by only using what you need – when you need it. The Loxone app offers energy management feedback, letting you know where you’re using the most energy. If you have solar panels, you can also see how they’re performing and how much money you’re saving along the way.


The Loxone App is capable of all this, and so much more. Check the weather, adjust your sauna and monitor your air-con filters from the palm of your hand.

Interested? We certainly are. Pop in for a chat and we’ll show you our Loxone demo equipment over a cup of coffee.

Loxone Touch – the only switch you’ll ever need

As trusted suppliers and fitters of the coveted Loxone Smart Home, we’ve got a few favourites when it comes to clever products and tip-top tech.

We could talk all day about the amazing benefits of the Loxone Touch, or triple click light switch. This intelligent light switch does so much more than dim the lights.

From blinds, to music, to lighting, to temperature control – this little gadget really does do it all.

Loxone Touch – the only switch you’ll ever need

  • Temperature & humidity

Built into the Touch, is a temperature and humidity sensor which feeds data back to the Loxone Smart Home. This allows your home to regulate its own temperature and humidity, keeping rooms fresh in summer and cosy in the winter.


  • Lighting

Turn the lights on with one touch – but it doesn’t stop there. Leaving the living room? Double click on the centre of the Touch and turn off all the lights in that room, from the main light to the sidelights. Going out? Hit that touch surface 3 times and knock off all the lights in one hit. No more stress!


  • Music

Want to hear your favourite tune? No worries! Hit the pre-programmed music corner on your Touch element and listen to your home burst into life. Once linked up with your Loxone Smart Home, you can control your music from anywhere in the house.


  • Blinds

Got electric blinds with your Loxone system? Those can be synced with your Touch control too! Walk-in from work, click the lights on and the blinds down – before you’ve put your bags down!


  • No tiny hands!

The Touch knows when small hands attack! Touching multiple zones at once, or using your whole hand will activate the central zone only – preventing children from fiddling with the controls.


  • Easy to fit

As well as possessing the smartest of features, the Touch is also super easy for us to install. Whether you’re using the Loxone Tree model, or the Loxone Air model – it’s a very quick process. For the Loxone Tree plug-and-play model, we can wire the Touch in thanks to its flexible wiring.

If you’re using Loxone’s wireless Air system, we simply attach it discreetly to the wall. Easy to remove and perfect for retrofitters and renovators.


Alongside these features, the Touch can be programmed to control almost any element of your custom smart home. It also comes in two colours, with or without a frame – enabling it to fit discreetly into your décor.

For the discerning homeowner, Loxone has even released a luxury style Touch – the Touch Pure. So, whether you want to stand out or blend in, there’s a Touch control for your dream home.


If you’d like to know more about smart home integrations, Loxone’s unique product offering or our favourite features – we’d love to chat! Pop us an email, or give us a bell.

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The 411 on bio-dynamic lighting

If you want to take care of your eyes, find you often get headaches, or need to be able to work from home – then you need to know about bio-dynamic lighting.

Artificial light and our constant connection with technology means that we’re often exposed to more light than our eyes can cope with. Blue light, which is immitted by our phones, tablets and laptops, inhibits our ability to sleep. As a nation, we’re becoming tired and crabby.

So, what can we do about it? Other than living outside or operating by candlelight (fire hazard, not recommended), we can simply adapt our modern lifestyles to better suit the needs of our body – with bio-dynamic lighting.


A few key points about light…

Cool tones and high brightness is absorbed through our eyes and causes a spike in Cortisol – the stress hormone. Too much Cortisol is very dangerous for our bodies and puts us under a lot of pressure. However, we need Cortisol to get things done, so a boost in the morning gets us up and alert for the day ahead.


In the evening, when we’re trying to wind down and get ready for a restful sleep, deep colours and low light help to lower Cortisol and relax the brain. This is why doctors advise against using your phone in bed or watching TV to get off to sleep.


Why we need better light in our homes…

There are several reasons to have better lighting environments in our homes:

  • If you work from home, adaptive lighting can help to create a highly productive work environment.
  • For children doing their homework, blue light can help them concentrate.
  • If you suffer from SAD (seasonal affected disorder) or depression, many studies indicate that clear, natural-toned light can have an extremely positive effect.
  • If you’re less able, having lots of sun-like light in the home can be beneficial, when you aren’t able to get outside.


How to incorporate biodynamic lighting…

Using a system like the Loxone Smart Home lighting system allows you to control many aspects of the light in your home.

  • Choose from an array of colours: yellow for concentration, green for calm, violet for creativity, orange for comfort, red for relaxing – and so on.
  • Fade light in and out, rather than shocking your body with overly bright lights at the flick of a switch.
  • Use moonlight lighting if you wake up in the night, this prevents your body from waking up too much and allows you to relax back to sleep.
  • Automatic brightness means that the lights in your home will adjust to the natural light, allowing as much natural light in as possible before slowly brightening themselves.


Biodynamic lighting is coming to the attention of many conscientious homeowners. Not only is intelligent lighting good for you, but it’s designed to be beautiful too. Change the lighting around the home to create cosy areas, a party vibe or a sophisticated dinner setting.

Lighting is so much more than a bulb and a switch – let us show you what lighting can really do! Get in touch today to hear more about our home automation and intelligently adaptive lighting products.


A Day In The Life Of A Smart Home

You might be wondering, how will a smart home improve or change my life? Well, the best way to illustrate this is to take you through a day in the life of your average smart home.

So, here goes…


7am – You wake up in a cool room, the perfect temperature in fact. Thanks to your intelligent smart heating, the bedroom heat adapts to your daily movements. You reach over to your phone and turn on the bedroom lights – soft warm lighting lulls you awake.


7.10am – You slip out of bed and head for the shower. The bathroom is warm, towels are toasty, the water is hot, all thanks to your smart heating. Soft lighting gradually brightens as you go about your routine, waking you up to a new day.


7.30am – Everyone heads downstairs for breakfast. You reach over to your Touch console and click the blinds open, start your morning playlist and turn on the under counter lighting. Phewf, that took all of 3 seconds. Time for some food!


7.35am – You burn the toast, but don’t worry… you didn’t set off the smoke alarm. Your intelligent smoke alarm knows the difference and simply sends an alert to your phone, which you silence.


8am – After a fresh slice of toast, it’s time to get dressed. Because you’ve got personalised lighting design in your bedroom, the dressing table is well lit for applying make-up and the main mirror is lit by soft lighting. Once you’re decent, you click your Touch console to open the blinds and double click lights off as you head back downstairs.


8.30am – With everyone dressed and ready, it’s time to leave… wait! Has anyone left their bedroom lights on? Are the straighteners still on? Is the heating still going? No worries, just triple-click the Touch console and all the lights and standby items will shut off.

And the heating? You’ve got 6 pre-programmed slots throughout the day, plus you can turn it off with your phone at the touch of a button.


11.30am – Ping! Your video doorbell system lets you know that someone is on your doorstep. You open up the app and speak to your local delivery driver, asking them to leave your parcel in the step as you’re ‘just in the garden’.

5pm – Time to head home, but before you do, you click the heating on. You’ve got guests coming over and you want the house to be nice and warm when they arrive.


7pm – You put the kids to bed and set their bedroom lights to a low light red tone, to help them get off to sleep. You remind them that if they need the toilet in the night, the motion-activated moonlights will turn on to light their way (it’ll also let you know they’re up via your phone, but they don’t need to know that).


7.30pm – Adult time! You tap your Touch control to play some smooth tunes and soften the lighting. As people arrive and the room warms up, the heating slowly decreases and the blinds gradually close as the sunset drifts away.


11pm – You double click the Touch console as you head up to bed, your way softly lit to prevent the children from waking. You jump into bed and quickly check that the house alarm and external motion sensors and cameras are on – perfect.


Wake efficiently, go about your day seamlessly and sleep soundly – knowing that your smart home has you covered.

Sound like something you’d like to incorporate? Fancy gaining back the time taken by 50,000 extras tasks a year? Let’s chat.

Saving Money With Home Automation

Contrary to what some may think, home automation is actually a great way to start saving money on your utility bills. From the point of installation, many home automation integrations work to efficiently heat, light and protect your home.

You can also feel good about the money that you’re saving, knowing you’re helping the environment too.

Water damage

Clever gadgets, like the Loxone Water Sensor, can prevent major expenditure on repairs after water leaks. Simply place the battery-operated water sensor in flood-prone areas, such as laundry rooms, kitchens and boiler rooms. The inbuilt water sensor detects leaking water and informs the Miniserver. Depending on the settings you choose, you’ll be notified by phone, email or through your audio system. Plus, with a battery life of two years, you won’t be spending a fortune on Duracell!


Heating bills

Save up to £130 a year on your heating bills? Sounds tempting, right? With the nifty Hive thermostat and smartphone app, you can set 6 individual time slots for your heating and hot water. By fitting your heating and hot water around your daily routine, you’ll never waste money on warming up an empty house.

Heading out? Simply knock the heating off with the press of a button, wherever you are!


Stand-by killer

That cheeky red light that peaks out from underneath the TV is no more! Your smart home can automatically take devices off standby and off the grid, when you aren’t using them. Safe, efficient and a super quick way to save money – especially if you’re away on holiday or don’t use the device for several days.


Nest security  

One of the most horrific ways to lose money is through a burglary. In 2018, police recorded a 22% increase in robbery offences[1], prompting an upsurge in the numbers of people choosing to purchase home security. Nest security systems are among some of the most highly regarded – featuring: person, motion and sound detection, night vision cameras and 24/7 streaming. As with many home automation devices, you can view your entire security system from your phone. This enables you to check on your property and receive alerts, wherever you are.


Loxone lights off

One of the simplest and most effective ways to save money on your electricity bills is to turn lights off when you don’t need them – but who wants to be constantly flicking switches on and off, or stumbling down the hallway to turn the bathroom light on?

With Loxone systems, your lights automatically turn off when you aren’t in the room and pop back on when you are.


The Home Solutions Group are proud providers and installers of all of the products mentioned in this article. Not only are we passionate about saving our customers money, but also have an environmental agenda.

            If you’re thinking about investing in a smart system, but you’re concerned about the associated costs, please allow us to break it down for you. Simply give us a call and we’ll put your mind at ease.


Myth Busters: The truth about home automation

Over the years, we’ve heard many a funny thing or two about home automation – but it needn’t be a daunting prospect. The sole purpose of home automation is to make your home work for you!

I can’t afford it…

Turning your home into a smart home doesn’t require some sort of sci-fi fit out and Hollywood scale budget. In fact, most of the cutting edge products used in home automation systems are simple – but very clever. Innovations such as Wi-Fi connected lightbulbs, smoke alarms and doorbells aren’t rocket science, and neither is the budgeting.

What’s more, the likelihood is that you’ll actually save money over time. Because home automation systems are intelligent and highly programmable, you won’t be wasting energy on lighting or heating rooms that don’t need it.

I have to be tech savvy…

Got a smartphone? Know how to use it? Then chances are there’s nothing about home automation that’ll phase you either. Our Loxone and Hive systems are all controlled by apps, downloaded onto your smartphone. The interface is simple and easy to understand.

If the Home Solutions Groupset your home automation system, we’ll take the time to teach you how to use every part of your new technology.

I need a really big house...

Not at all! Do small houses have lights, heating and security features? Yes!

Lighting the way from the bedroom to the bathroom is just as important for you and your little ones whether it’s 10 steps or 25! Small houses still benefit from efficient heating solutions and the added benefits of Wi-Fi connected security cameras too.

I have to own my own home…

This isn’t strictly true. There are many ways to incorporate smart technology into your home without changing anything about the exterior. Smart speakers, doorbells and lightbulbs can all be removed and taken with you to your next home – without leaving a trace.

If you’re renting and you’d like to know your options, give one of our experts a call.

My security will be compromised…

With hacking and data breaches dominating the news, we’ve heard people say that they’re concerned about their digital safety. With Loxone Smart Home’s, you have your own dedicated Miniserver – installed inside your home. We’ll make sure your Miniserver is fitted using the safest possible ports. Plus, they all come kitted out with their own protective firewall as standard.

It’s just a trend…

If you’re living in the UK, you’d be very wrong to assume that home automation is just a passing phase. The UK is the fastest growing and second largest market for sales of smart home devices. The UK smart home market was worth £900m in 2017, which is an increase in value of 19% since 2016.

Over 40% of people get accustomed to smart home technology through entertainment systems, like the MultiRoom Audio system. This entertainment system allows you to play your various favourite tracks in different rooms around the house, all controlled by your smart phone.

So, there you have it! We’ve debunked some of those home automation gremlins. Still have a query? We’re always more than happy to help.

Give us a call or arrange a home visit– let’s give your home a few extra IQ points!

What you do with all this extra time you’ve freed up, is up to you! But if you’d like to tell us about how home automation has changed your daily grind, or have any questions about retro-fitting a Loxone system – give us a call or slide into our DM’s.

5 Ways To Save Time With These Home Automation Life Hacks

One of the reasons that home automation has become so incredibly popular in recent years is that it saves an extraordinary amount of time on day to day tasks. 50,000 tasks a year, in fact, according to leading provider – Loxone.

We’re all busy and the demands of modern life seem to take up increasingly more and more of our down time.

Have you ever seen Wallace and Gromit get up in the morning? Well, home automation is a little like that – but with less clunking and a little more finesse.

Time savers you won’t be able to live without….

The triple click…

Whether you have a Loxone Smart Home system built into your new home, or you’re having one retrofitted, one of the most popular features is the coveted triple click light switch. A double tap on the light switch turns off the lights in the room you’re in. A triple tap on any
light switch will turn all the lights in the house off.

Rushing out to work? Dragging the kids off to school? Or scooting out for an early hours flight? Just three clicks will prevent that screeching halt halfway down the road, when you remember the bathroom light is still on. Save energy, save time and save the planet too.

Self-adjusting brightness...

You’re sat down enjoying a film as the evening rolls in. You jump up to get a drink and realise the kitchen is in darkness. Perhaps you’re working from home on a cloudy day and find yourself constantly getting up and down to turn the light on and off again.

Wouldn’t it be great if the lights in your home just adjusted themselves accordingly? With Loxone, the brightness of your lights can be set up to be determined by the time of day and how much light there already is in the room. The darker it is, the brighter your lights will be. If the room is filled with natural light, your lights will know not to come on.

Custom heating...

Let’s say you wanted to heat the bathrooms in the morning and in the evening and lower the temperatures during the day to save energy – or you wanted to keep the living room cooler while you’re at work and warm during the day on weekends. With Loxone, you can do exactly that. Once your intuitive heating system is set up, you can adjust rooms and floors to your own schedule.

No more trips to the thermostat and no more chilly morning showers.

Hands-on 24/7…

One of the best things about home automation, is that it can be connected with your smartphone. Open the app to turn the lights on when you’re nearly home, heat the house on your way back from the airport or check in on your alarm system from miles away.

You can even view energy reports, usage calculators and energy saving tips – all at your fingertips.

What you do with all this extra time you’ve freed up, is up to you! But if you’d like to tell us about how home automation has changed your daily grind, or have any questions about retro-fitting a Loxone system – give us a call or slide into our DM’s.