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As a homeowner, it’s easy to get meticulous about wall colours, furnishings and flooring – but have you thought about your lighting? Bad lighting can make or break the aesthetic of a room that you’ve spent hours painstakingly designing.

For example, if you’ve selected beautiful oak floors, warm cream paint and luxuriously plush furnishings, a fluorescent white ceiling light is going to undo all your hard work and spending.


Lighting designers and fitters are very aware of the ways in which lighting can transform your home. With so many options to choose from, we can help to guide you in the right direction – using your unique style as a blueprint. Modern style ceiling lights with sleek lines and futuristic glimmers appeal to minimalist and contemporary home or vast expanses, such as open plan living areas, loft apartments and barn conversions. Glittering glass chandeliers suit high ceilings, grand stairways or large entrance spaces in Georgian and Victorian-style homes – but do not look so chic in a small mid-city flat. In rustic homes, warm traditional lights and decorative shades create a cosy feel that looks just right.


In the majority of cases, your lighting style can be found in efficient LED bulbs, using 80% less energy and requiring reduced replacements. Another bonus with LED is that it’s much more customisable. From choosing your white tone to picking another colour altogether, LED allows your rooms to change in function throughout the day. From a brightly lit study area to a calming eating environment or relaxing chill-out zone.


LED strip is becoming increasingly popular within the home, once only seen in warehouses and commercial offices.

  • Along ceiling coving, LED strip lighting seamlessly creates a bright aesthetic without glaring bulbs or obvious fittings.
  • Fitting strip underneath individual stairs creates a lit walkway that is also modern and dramatic by design.
  • In the kitchen, LED strip along the toe kicks looks clean and chic. Underneath cabinets, it can light the worktops in a subtle way.
  • You’ve probably already seen strip lighting around bathroom mirrors, making getting ready a simple task no matter the time of day.


Whether you’ve purchased a new home, are currently building one or wish to refit an existing proper, we suggest that you take some time to consider your lighting design.

  • Think about how you use the rooms in your home and the time of day you most often use them.
  • Consider the age and aesthetic of the property – either be in-keeping with this or add striking accents that compliment it.
  • Talk to a professional about how you could create energy-saving innovations around your home.


We’re well versed in lighting design, having spent years installing all manner of beautiful solutions in homes of all sizes and ages. If you’re stuck for a lighting solution or are struggling to find the right design – please give us a call and one of our helpful team will be happy to have a chat with you.