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The key to creating the right ambience in your home is great lighting. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune – but some clever tweaks and interesting focal points can really make a big difference.

Let us walk you through the different rooms in your home and how to light them effectively.



In the bedroom, it’s important to focus on where the natural light is coming from. In general, you wouldn’t put your bed under the window, so focused lighting is useful around the bed area. Avoid having main lights over the bed, but instead, opt for warm coloured sidelights.

A nice way to distribute light in the bedroom is to have several dimmable ceiling lights.

Think about where your mirror is, or where you get ready in the morning. In the winter, this area may need extra lighting.



No one wants to stand in a coldly lit, bright white box when they haven’t got any clothes on. Opt for downlighters with a warmer white bulb. For extra light, install LED strip around mirrors or inside cabinets – these only need to be on when you need them.


Living space

This is where lighting can get funky! Think about how you use the space and incorporate lighting around this. If you have a long dining table and you enjoy entertaining, consider a feature light above. If you like the feature light in an open plan kitchen and dining area, you can use this as the main source of light and compliment it with custom strip lighting around the kitchen cupboards.

If you have an island or a breakfast bar, perhaps trimless downlighters might illuminate the space discreetly – allowing the children to do their homework whilst you get cooking.


In the living room, think about how it gets used. If this is a predominantly adult space, you might want to incorporate some feature lighting in the form of dramatic light shades or modern style chandeliers. Dimmable switches and warm white bulbs are a must in here.

If you find the living room is used more by the younger members of the family, fit brighter lights and limit the number of decorative sidelights. If you like to chill out as a family, colour changing lights are incredibly popular with many of our customers.



Lighting is just as important outside as it is inside!

Keep the BBQ area well-lit so you can enjoy yourselves outside well into the evening. Lights integrated into the patio or around the edges of the house are discreet and less disturbing for neighbours than lofty spotlights. If you have a pool, LED strip can frame the edges in a refreshing blue that’ll also illuminate the garden.

Sitting out enjoying the stars? Dim the lights with dimmer switches on your exterior lights too! You can also integrate your outside lighting with your smart home, enabling it to turn on and off when you’re away. Outdoor lighting can be beautifully aesthetic, but make sure it’s serving it’s safety purpose too.


Building a new home? Upgrading your current property? Our team comprises of lighting experts with years of experience. From your local semi-detached to footballer’s mansions, we know how to make good use of your space. Check out our Instagram page for some striking lighting design before & afters.