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As a Loxone trusted supplier, we instil full faith in their products. However, what really matters to us is what our customers think.

Over the years, we’ve seen home automation innovate beyond what we ever thought was possible. With Loxone, this has meant that your home can truly become an asset to your daily routine – saving your time, completing tasks with ease and pocketing a little bit of saved cash along the way. For our customers, one of the most popular and talked about features is the incredibly user-friendly Loxone Smart Home App. If you’re invested in making your life easier, then the Loxone App is another tool to have in your productivity toolkit.


  • It’s available to everyone

The Loxone App, unlike some other providers, is available on almost any wi-fi enabled device. If you have an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch, you can download the app from the App Store. For Android users and Google tablet or notebooks owners,  simply head to the Google Play store. If you’re an Amazon TV user, you guessed it – you can get it on Amazon.


  • It’s can control everything

Every single Loxone product is controllable from the Loxone App. Whether you have a full smart home system, or just lighting, heating or security – it’s all housed under one app, on any and all devices you own.


  • It’s customisable

Find yourself reaching for the lighting functions more often than anything else? You can stick those on your home screen. Need to open the garage door in a flash? Set up a shortcut. Whatever it is you need to access, the Loxone App makes sure it’s easy to do so.


  • It’s always live

Want to get a status update? The overview screen allows you to see how many lights are on, what the home temperature is, which song is playing, how open the blinds are and even which rooms are using devices. If you’re out and about, but want to check in on everyone at home, it’s easy to do. Going on holiday? Keep an eye on your security system and flick the lights on and off to make it appear that you’re home.


  • It’s portable

Activate the app on your phone for on-the-go access, or download it onto a tablet device and mount it on the wall in your home. You choose how you’d like to control your home, after all, it’s working for you.


  • It’s on auto-pilot

Use the clever auto-pilot feature to set up sequences of actions or to apply several actions to a room at once. You can save lighting moods for different occasions by choosing from hundreds of colours and options. You can even set up colour sequences that change at pre-designated intervals.


  • It’s money saving

As with many home automation products, one of the key aims is actually become more energy efficient by only using what you need – when you need it. The Loxone app offers energy management feedback, letting you know where you’re using the most energy. If you have solar panels, you can also see how they’re performing and how much money you’re saving along the way.


The Loxone App is capable of all this, and so much more. Check the weather, adjust your sauna and monitor your air-con filters from the palm of your hand.

Interested? We certainly are. Pop in for a chat and we’ll show you our Loxone demo equipment over a cup of coffee.