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As trusted suppliers and fitters of the coveted Loxone Smart Home, we’ve got a few favourites when it comes to clever products and tip-top tech.

We could talk all day about the amazing benefits of the Loxone Touch, or triple click light switch. This intelligent light switch does so much more than dim the lights.

From blinds, to music, to lighting, to temperature control – this little gadget really does do it all.

Loxone Touch – the only switch you’ll ever need

  • Temperature & humidity

Built into the Touch, is a temperature and humidity sensor which feeds data back to the Loxone Smart Home. This allows your home to regulate its own temperature and humidity, keeping rooms fresh in summer and cosy in the winter.


  • Lighting

Turn the lights on with one touch – but it doesn’t stop there. Leaving the living room? Double click on the centre of the Touch and turn off all the lights in that room, from the main light to the sidelights. Going out? Hit that touch surface 3 times and knock off all the lights in one hit. No more stress!


  • Music

Want to hear your favourite tune? No worries! Hit the pre-programmed music corner on your Touch element and listen to your home burst into life. Once linked up with your Loxone Smart Home, you can control your music from anywhere in the house.


  • Blinds

Got electric blinds with your Loxone system? Those can be synced with your Touch control too! Walk-in from work, click the lights on and the blinds down – before you’ve put your bags down!


  • No tiny hands!

The Touch knows when small hands attack! Touching multiple zones at once, or using your whole hand will activate the central zone only – preventing children from fiddling with the controls.


  • Easy to fit

As well as possessing the smartest of features, the Touch is also super easy for us to install. Whether you’re using the Loxone Tree model, or the Loxone Air model – it’s a very quick process. For the Loxone Tree plug-and-play model, we can wire the Touch in thanks to its flexible wiring.

If you’re using Loxone’s wireless Air system, we simply attach it discreetly to the wall. Easy to remove and perfect for retrofitters and renovators.


Alongside these features, the Touch can be programmed to control almost any element of your custom smart home. It also comes in two colours, with or without a frame – enabling it to fit discreetly into your décor.

For the discerning homeowner, Loxone has even released a luxury style Touch – the Touch Pure. So, whether you want to stand out or blend in, there’s a Touch control for your dream home.


If you’d like to know more about smart home integrations, Loxone’s unique product offering or our favourite features – we’d love to chat! Pop us an email, or give us a bell.

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