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If you want to take care of your eyes, find you often get headaches, or need to be able to work from home – then you need to know about bio-dynamic lighting.

Artificial light and our constant connection with technology means that we’re often exposed to more light than our eyes can cope with. Blue light, which is immitted by our phones, tablets and laptops, inhibits our ability to sleep. As a nation, we’re becoming tired and crabby.

So, what can we do about it? Other than living outside or operating by candlelight (fire hazard, not recommended), we can simply adapt our modern lifestyles to better suit the needs of our body – with bio-dynamic lighting.


A few key points about light…

Cool tones and high brightness is absorbed through our eyes and causes a spike in Cortisol – the stress hormone. Too much Cortisol is very dangerous for our bodies and puts us under a lot of pressure. However, we need Cortisol to get things done, so a boost in the morning gets us up and alert for the day ahead.


In the evening, when we’re trying to wind down and get ready for a restful sleep, deep colours and low light help to lower Cortisol and relax the brain. This is why doctors advise against using your phone in bed or watching TV to get off to sleep.


Why we need better light in our homes…

There are several reasons to have better lighting environments in our homes:

  • If you work from home, adaptive lighting can help to create a highly productive work environment.
  • For children doing their homework, blue light can help them concentrate.
  • If you suffer from SAD (seasonal affected disorder) or depression, many studies indicate that clear, natural-toned light can have an extremely positive effect.
  • If you’re less able, having lots of sun-like light in the home can be beneficial, when you aren’t able to get outside.


How to incorporate biodynamic lighting…

Using a system like the Loxone Smart Home lighting system allows you to control many aspects of the light in your home.

  • Choose from an array of colours: yellow for concentration, green for calm, violet for creativity, orange for comfort, red for relaxing – and so on.
  • Fade light in and out, rather than shocking your body with overly bright lights at the flick of a switch.
  • Use moonlight lighting if you wake up in the night, this prevents your body from waking up too much and allows you to relax back to sleep.
  • Automatic brightness means that the lights in your home will adjust to the natural light, allowing as much natural light in as possible before slowly brightening themselves.


Biodynamic lighting is coming to the attention of many conscientious homeowners. Not only is intelligent lighting good for you, but it’s designed to be beautiful too. Change the lighting around the home to create cosy areas, a party vibe or a sophisticated dinner setting.

Lighting is so much more than a bulb and a switch – let us show you what lighting can really do! Get in touch today to hear more about our home automation and intelligently adaptive lighting products.