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One of the great things about custom lighting is that you can influence the mood of a room and adjust it according to what activities you’re doing.

If you’re studying, cooler light is more stimulating. If you’re reading before bed, a warm light will soothe your eyes and get you ready for a snooze.


There are loads of different ways to make your lighting work for you – but what does it say about you?


Party people

You’re the life and soul of your friendship group – you love to host and can’t wait for festive seasons to roll around.

Your focus is the lighting in the entertainment space of your home – the open plan kitchen and dining areas. To make the kitchen stand out, you have LED strip lighting under the counters. It’s discreet, yet stylish and looks great when all the main lights are out. You’ve opted for dimmable downlights around the room and colour changing options wherever possible. You’ve also integrated smart home controls, which can be altered from your phone. You love changing the colour sequences when the eating is finished and the dancing begins. If you’re having a party… we’re awaiting our invitation.


Dinner party foodies

Sophistication is the name of the game for you. Cool white lighting suits the elegant aesthetic of your home décor, but you like having the option to dim the main lights as the evening rolls in.

You love inviting friends over for a chilled evening of wine, cheese, and canapes. The dining room is the heart of your home and you’ve chosen statement fittings to create talking points. A modern chandelier wouldn’t look out of place in your home and delicate side lights illuminate walkways. Chrome light switches and Touch Pure controls are your fixtures of choice.


Family fun

As a young family, there’s nothing you love more than spending quality time together. You love hanging out in the living room and using your smart home for great entertainment and impromptu colourful dance parties.

You’re health-conscious and use biodynamic lighting [link to biodynamic lighting post]. The children’s bedrooms are softly lit, with the option to change the room colours. You’ve installed moonlight lighting in the hallways, at floor level, to allow the children to walk to the bathroom at night.

In the main rooms of the house, you often use the main lights and keep fussy sidelights to a minimum. Simplicity and functionality are the main bonuses of any of the smart home features you purchase.


Retire by the fire

Keeping the lights down low and the aesthetic cosy is what you’re all about. Warm white, concealed lighting gives your home the chilled out vibe you love to relax in. Wherever possible, you avoid bright or cold lighting and prefer to stick to traditional side lamps and sunset style tones. For getting up in the morning, you favour your Touch Nightlight Air which wakes you up slowly with ambient light and a digital clock face. The option to change the colour of your lights is appealing, but you prefer to stick with the reds, pinks, and yellows, so you haven’t installed it in every room.

The triple-click function is your favourite feature as it allows you to turn off all the lights once you’re in the comfort of your bedroom.


Do any of these sound like you? Or, perhaps, you’d like to know more about your lighting personality? Give one of our friendly team a call and we can discuss your needs. We’ll even pop over and learn more about how you use the space in your home.


With years of experience, we can suggest the smartest and most beautiful additions to compliment your home and your routine.